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Writing about marketing, technology, YouTube, finance and more. YouTube Certified.

Faster Typist = more articles

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I’m a fast typist. Ranging between 90 WPM (Words per minute) and 110 WPM on a good day and depending on what I am writing about. I don’t have perfect accuracy, but my speed allows me to smash out more content than the next guy.

You see, it’s pretty simple. If you type really slow, then you are catching up with yourself constantly as you finish that next email, article, instant message or dodgy Google search.

If you type faster, you can do more dodgy Google searches in less time. It’s really good.

Seriously though, so many writers want to…

Adding a custom thumbnail to your YouTube video can improve your click through rate, but how do you do it? Find out here.

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Adding a custom thumbnail on your YouTube video is a great way to increase your video views. The thumbnail is the first thing people see when they come across your video in YouTube search, Google Search, recommendations or on your YouTube channel. A great custom thumbnail can tempt the viewer to click in and view the content of that video and be more powerful than the video title alone.

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Before you can add a custom thumbnail to…

You need to meet some minimum requirements before you can make money from your YouTube videos. Find out what those are here.

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One of the best things about being a YouTube creator is the ability to earn money from the videos you are uploading. This is done by sharing advertising revenue with the YouTube creator when ads are shown on videos. These ads usually appear before and during the video, but mid-roll ads can also be used.

However, before you can start earning money from your YouTube channel, you need to meet a couple of minimum requirements. …

Save yourself time with a default video description and other details on every upload.

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It can be time consuming entering a video description for every video you upload to YouTube. What if you could set an upload default so your video description already contains template text filled in for you? Luckily YouTube allows you to do this, although the setting to do so is quite hidden within your YouTube Studio.

Why set YouTube Upload Defaults?

YouTube upload defaults can be really useful if you have that perfect video description with all your social handles, affiliate links, subscribe link and links to playlists and other info already filled in. …

Step by step guide on uploading a great video to YouTube

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YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world and the go-to place for video content. Uploading your own videos to YouTube is easy, but it’s important to understand all the different features and settings when doing so.

Please note that this guide relates to uploading a video on YouTube’s desktop website and not via the mobile app. The desktop uploader has more options and gives the creator the best experience and it is recommended to use that where possible.

Uploading a Video more than 15 minutes long

First up, it’s worth noting that if you are intending to upload a video that is more than 15…

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