Lockdown Boredom is a Real Thing

I know it’s real because I’m suffering from it — big time

Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash

I’ve wanted to work from home for years. So when lockdown started and I was lucky enough to keep my job in marketing, I was excited to see how this new type of working life would affect me.

How would it affect my productivity? My fitness? My mental health?

Today the UK is remembering one year since lockdown started, so I’ve now been working from my lounge for 12 months straight. My overall evaluation is that I wish this had happened later on in my life.

The reason for that is I don’t have children (yet). We don’t have a dog. I’m married, but my wife was not able to work from home and has had to travel to work this whole time. This leaves a lot of time in my working day where I am in the house, alone. For a while this was fine, but after a year of doing this it is really starting to get to me and I am seeing various news articles featuring others in the same situation. It’s been dubbed Lockdown Boredom.

When my wife is at home, it’s fine. We bake, play games, watch great movies and TV shows and spend quality time together that we otherwise would perhaps not be able to if we both had to travel to work. I’m thankful for that.

However, in a few years we plan to have children, a dog, my wife won’t be working as she wants to be at home to bring up the children, so the house would have been more filled. A lunchtime or early evening walk would mean taking the dog or children out rather than a lonely stroll by myself.

I’ve tried video games to fill the empty time, I’ve tried a few side gigs, and of course I’m sitting here right now on Medium writing because I’m not doing anything else right now. I work hard at my job and that takes up a large proportion of my time, but there is only so much work I can do and overworking will likely just bring it’s own list of disadvantages.

I’ve done some certifications, some online courses, read more books and done whatever I can to fill the time. But I’m running out of ideas.

Fitness wise, I’m doing well. For my 30th birthday my wife treated me to an indoor rowing machine so I can spend time doing that whilst keeping healthy at the same time. Mentally, not as well.

Working from home permanently would work if there was more freedom to go on holiday and do fun things in your spare time around work, but with the current covid restrictions, a lot of this just isn’t possible.

I’m looking forward to things returning back to normal so I can see myself smiling again a bit more.

Writing about Crohn's disease, marketing, technology, YouTube, finance and more. YouTube Certified.

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